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No religion, but relationship with God!
Consider the miracles of the universe and it's infinite complexity: the billions and billions of stars, the beauty of nature and it's incredible amount of stored up information.
If you reduce the universe to a product of "chance", this raises a lot of questions to which there aren't any answers. The same goes for the popular theory of evolution.
How can nothing evolve into something?
When people create something, they always start with something that already exists. The architect designs impressive buildings. To build something, you needmaterials like wood, steel or stone. But those, in turn, were fashioned from raw material that was already present. Nobody is able to make matter appear from nowhere.
So who made all this matter?
The answer is: God, the designer and maker of this unique creation! Earth is but a small planet in the immeasurable universe and yet it has a central position in creation. The Bible states clearly that earth was created by God and that He has focussed His loving attention on this planet (Genesis 1:1, Isaiah 40:28). Man himself is clear evidence that God created (Genesis 1:27, Psalm 8:6, Isaiah 45:9-13).
If we take a closer look at the complexity and build of our own body in comparison to that of animals, we notice that man has something we call a personality. He can make rational decisions, has a conscience and can discern good from evil. He is able to love and to feel compassion. Therefore, the human being cannot be the product of the 'accidental accumulation' of atoms, but must have beenwonderfully designed by the Master Creator of the universe.